Body Paint

Body Paint


Body painting, or sometimes bodypainting, is a form of body art. Body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and lasts for only several hours.

Body painting that is limited to the face is known as face painting. Body painting is also referred to as (a form of) temporary tattoo.

We can bodypaint you just for fun!

We will make sure you are comfortable and look your best.

1.) Are these images paintings or photographs?

Each image seen here is a photograph of a real Bodypainting.

2.) Do I do my own photography?

Sometimes I do and Sometimes I use an assistant but I always without exception direct both the photography and the lighting. All creative aspects of my work are of my own doing. The use of photography in regard to it’s involvement in capturing my creative work is absolutely technical. Both digital and film cameras have been used to record my bodypaintings as well many formats, sizes and brands were used. Clear and competent recording of my work is all that I desire and require from photography.

3.) How long do my paintings take?

My average Bodypainting takes more than a couple of hours. If there is a backdrop involved in my work it was most likely painted in advance of the body.

4.) Where do I find my models?

The truth is that my models find me most of the time. I never use an agency or service.

5.) Do I use the same models repeatedly?

No, I instead use a different body for each painting..

6.) Do I use special paints on the body?

I do use professional body colours.

7.) Where do I find my inspiration?

I’m often inspired by a specific body’s shape or perhaps a unique pose. I’m greatly inspired by forms and colours.

8.) Is Bodypainting harmful in any way to the model?


9.) How does the model remove the paint?

Soap and water are all that is needed to remove my paints. If we use water proof body paint makeup colours then we use special makeup removers.