Hello! Congratulations and welcome to ‘ONE STOP MAKEOVERS’ 

I am a professional hair and make-up artists working in and around Mumbai and specialize in weddings. We are one of the most sought after makeup and hair artists in the wedding industry and is one of a select few specialising in airbrush makeup.

My experience of over 12 years in the industry allows us to make your special day a more than memorable one. Our team consists of the some of the most highly skilled people whom have had training with companies such as, Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, Estee Lauder. We currently use some of the most professional products in the hair and make-up industry, including Professional HI Definition makeup, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Christian Dior, Cinema secrets and mineral make-up. Our aim is to give you an amazing wedding day experience and we believe that having a professional hair and make-up artist for your wedding day is a luxury that every bride deserves.


Regular bridal

Rs. 18000

(long stay)

makeup (HD makeup)

Rs. 25000


Rs. 35000

(All packages include makeup, hairstyling and draping for one occasion)

We pride ourselves in providing a very personal service, using our team of fully qualified, skilled freelance wedding hair, make-up artist and draping artists. Every bride is unique and wants to achieve a natural effortless beauty on her wedding day. She wants to be radiant, feminine and feel the confidence that comes from within.

Our team uses this unique experience to explore a wide range of possibilities allowing you to choose a style and image which makes you feel elegant and sophisticated. We embrace the experience of working with the whole wedding party and take pleasure in including your family members on this special day. We will assist in creating a calm enjoyable experience, keeping your wedding day stress free and ensuring you and your family look your very best on the most memorable day of your life.

1.) What is the booking procedure?

he booking procedure is a very simple one which involves: Filling in the booking form. Clarifying the costs. Paying the 50% deposit to secure the wedding day booking. Our package for One Bridal makeover starts at Rs.18000 for Hi-definition makeup and Rs.25000 for Airbrush makeup. It includes one time makeup, hairstyling and draping.

For family and friends the package starts at 5000 each.

2.) Do I need to have a hair and/or make-up trial prior to my wedding?

We always want to make our brides look and feel great and for the best results we would say in most cases, that we would recommend all potential brides to have a wedding hair and /or make-up trial prior to their wedding day. However, in some cases it may not be possible, due to time limitations or possibly distance. In that instance, we would gather as much information as possible prior to the date and ensure a thorough consultation takes place on the day before the wedding hair and/or make-up is carried out. Like any trial or practice run, it allows you the time to iron out queries, or worries that you have about your wedding hair and make-up, by trying out various options and possibilities. It gives us the chance to thoroughly consult with you, finding out about the look and feel that you are trying to achieve. Your stylist will give you lots of advice and helpful tips on creating great wedding hair and/or make-up, ensuring you’re happy with the finished result. We also take into consideration the style of the dress which may affect the final wedding look. The trial is also a great opportunity to get to know your team, which means your wedding morning should be totally relaxed, calm and enjoyable.

3.) How far in advance should I book a trial?

We recommend that a trial should be done at least two to three months prior to your wedding. This gives you time to make any changes if necessary.

4.) How long will it take?

The wedding hair and make-up trial will probably take approximately up to two and a half hours. It depends on how many looks are tried, the length of the hair and what else is involved.

5.) How much will it cost?

Rs.4500 for one makeup and hair trial session.

6.) Where do I go for a trial?

Your wedding hair and make-up trial can be carried out and fitted around a time that is convenient to you. The location of the trial will be at our makeup studio in Mumbai.

7.) Should I wash my hair before I arrive?

Generally, we recommend our wedding clients not to wash their hair prior to their trial. The hair is generally more manageable and a better effect is achieved when washed the day or evening before.

8.) Do I need to bring my make-up with me, or do you supply it?

If you wanted to bring any specific make-up, that you would like us to use at you make-up trial, please feel free to do so. However, we do supply all the make-up at the appointment. Lots of brides really enjoy the experience of being made up professionally and generally gather lots of helpful tips and ideas to take away.

9.) I have problem skin; can you recommend any specific make-up brand that I can get great coverage from?

If you suffer from problem skin, we recommend that you try mineral make-up. It gives complete coverage for skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea and any redness following treatments such as chemical peels or resurfacing. The product is also anti inflammatory, helping sooth and calm irritated skin and also, doesn’t contain parabens. We will gladly help and advise you with any skin problems and work with you to create great coverage, increasing your confidence and making you feel totally gorgeous. We have a great range of make-up that we can use to suit the wedding look you would like to achieve. It is important that every bride feels amazing on her wedding day.

10.) If I don’t know what I want, can you give advice?

If you’re not actually sure how you want your hair and make-up, we will be happy to talk and guide you through various looks and ideas, giving you lots of helpful advice. It is always useful to start collecting a few pictures from magazines of images that you like. It may even be a particular theme that you are trying to create and this may be useful to the final finish.

11.) As my hair is not long enough for the style that I want, is it possible to have a hair piece?

If you feel your hair isn’t long enough for the style that you are trying to achieve, there are some great hair pieces, wefts and hair additions that can be added to the hair and will easily create extra length and volume.

12.) Do my family members need a trial?

Family members don’t necessarily need a trial; this is entirely up to the bride. However, it is a good idea to bring current pictures of your family members and pictures of what you want them to have on the day. We can then discuss and plan what can be done, how easily it can be achieved and we are happy to suggest various options.

13.) Should I bring anything with me? Ex.Wedding dress?

It is always a good idea to bring your wedding dress along to your wedding trial, or any other accessories. It will be a great opportunity to try them on with your finished hair and make-up look and be sure that you are happy with how they are working together. If any small changes need making, they can be done before the day.

14.) Can you give me advice on other accessories?

Advice can be given on wedding accessories on what to have and use.

15.) How can I pay?

Clients may pay for their wedding hair and/or make-up deposits, either cash or cheque, sending a cheque in the name of “Nahush N Pise” Trials can be paid directly to us with either cash or cheque on the day.

16.) Do you have a privacy policy?

We ensures that data collected should be securely stored and handled correctly. Therefore, any personal information received on clients should not be transferred or passed on to outside parties.

17.) Do you have a cancellations policy?

Wedding booking cancellations If for some reason you need to cancel your booking. Any deposits with us are non-refundable or transferable.

18.) How long will my makeup last?

You wont believe, our makeup lasts for at least 7 hours irrespective of skin type. Plus its waterproof too.

19.) Do you travel to our place for makeup?

We have a great mobile team that can visit you at your home or any other venue for bridal makeup and bridal hair to you and family members

20.) Do you do airbrush makeup?

Yes We do. We are one of the most sought after makeup and hair artists in the wedding industry and one of a select few specialising in airbrush makeup. The airbrush technique gives exceptional coverage whilst the effect can be surprisingly sheer. It actually looks and feels extremely natural. Do not get intimidated by the fact that airbrush makeup is most often used on celebrities who appear on screen and in glossy magazines, as this will only lead you to assume that it is costly and wears like a mask. On the contrary, airbrush makeup is very adaptable. You can adjust coverage to be light, medium or heavy. Airbrush makeup is great for photos and filming whilst looking flawless and not smudging cheek to cheek. Airbrushed foundation is hygienic, lasts all day and night, is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin, it is light weight, can cover or conceal tattoos, unwanted birthmarks and more.