As you probably already figured out, I LOVE MAKE-UP.

All the images here on my website you will see me play with so many colours on my only canvas ‘the face’. An interesting fact of my canvas is, every time it comes with a different character, colour and curves on it.

Here is a little compilation of Beauty/make-up that I have done and love.

Dark Eyes, Light Lips

Smoky eye makeup and light baby lips look unabashedly classy. Achieve the makeup look shown here with three eye shadows: snow white, ultra noir and a plummy charcoal.

Begin with a firm eye shadow brush, using it to darken your lid from lash line to crease with the black color, then blend the shadow outward at the outer corner of each eye with a fluffy eye shadow brush. To soften and smoke up the look, follow with charcoal plum shadow.

Highlight your brow bone with snow white shadow. Finish with copious amounts of black eyeliner and faux lashes.

Try an icy cool lip gloss that goes on pearly white.

Light Eyes, Dark Lips

You can also create drama with a dark crimson pout and light eye makeup. Color washing is key to this high fashion makeup look. Start by applying the same snow white shadow from lash line to crease, blending it out toward the brow bone. Line your lashes shadow, into the roots of the lashes. Keep your brows light. Layer your lashes with black mascara. On lips, go for bold in a crimson lip color with a touch of diamond gloss for high shine.

In Love With Color

If color is your true calling, take advantage of this season to wear vibrant summer colors. Turquoise, green, yellow and orange are some of this season’s top runners. Right behind are purple and pink.

For a runway inspired look, apply the color shadow to the entire lid up to the crease. Apply black gel liner to the top lid, keeping as close to the lash line as possible. Next, take white eyeliner and line the bottom water line.

Take a white-pearl eye shadow and apply it on the lower eyelid and the inner corners of the eyes. Finish off with a coat of mascara on the top lashes only.

Summer’s Smoky Eye

Colors like champagne and golden browns are a hot way to dress to your eyes. Begin with the lightest color on the upper lid, apply a darker shade at the crease and the darkest shade across the eyelid. Now blend your colors downward for a smooth smoky effect. Starting at the top of the lid will prevent your darker color from overpowering the lighter colors.

Line the top and bottom eyelids with a dark brown gel liner. Apply two coats of mascara to your lashes for an extra oomph.

Keeping things simple and subtle is a great way to enhance your natural beauty and bring focus to the eyes. Think of a nude colored eye shadow with shimmer to bring a natural sparkle to the eye. Skip the eyeliner and opt for two coats of lengthening mascara. This look is a winner that no one will be able to resist.

Try on bronzers

n our opinion, bronzer (the best makeup product ever invented) is the must-have year round product. The amazing thing about this product is that it conceals skin’s imperfections, leaving an even-colored and tan complexion. But don’t be fooled, this magical product is not just for foreheads, cheeks and chins. When swept between the breast – gives killer cleavage. I can’t find more reasons to love it.

Lining the Waterline

The first step to any great liner application is the lining of the waterline, or the area above your lower lash line. The trick to creating definition that lasts is in a) the formula of liner that you use (make sure that it is waterproof and eye-safe), and b) in setting of the liner with powder. To start, grab an eye liner pencil of your choice. Test the tip of the liner on the back of your hand to make sure that it isn’t too hard for the delicate waterline, and then drag the liner onto the waterline from corner to corner. Set the liner with a similar shade of shadow to ensure that the line lasts all day.


Tricky to master, but incredibly significant, is a step called tightlining. This technique involves adding definition to the eyes by applying liner or shadow to the area underneath the upper lash line. To get the look, start by placing your finger firmly into the crease of your eye, to slightly lift the lashes and expose the area underneath.

Mastering Eye Liner Application

When lining the lid, both precision and a steady hand are key. Grab the liquid liner of your choice, and tilt your chin up so your eyes are naturally half closed when looking straight ahead. Keep in mind that the first spot you place the brush will receive the most pigment, so start at the center of your lid, where the liner tends to run a bit thicker. Gently line the area above your lashes in short strokes moving outward, connecting the dashes as you go along.

Add Highlighter

We can all agree that a sexy glow is the most alluring component in the highly desired look. Luckily for you, you will not need to fry your skin under the sun to achieve it. A powder highlighter will do the trick. Apply this magical product at the highest points of your face: the cheekbones, the bow of your lips, and at the center of the bottom lip. For a wide awake and fresh look, apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes. This will give your face a glowing and and lively complexion.

Moisturizing Lip Color

It is very easy to forget that our lips also need protection against the sun, so remember to protect your beautiful pout. While lip gloss gives your lips a juicy touch of color, it doesn’t protect you against the damaging UV rays.

To keep your lips protected, opt for a moisturizing, SPF lip color or lip balm. Many lip balms offer color and a hint of shine, which will give your lips a glossy shine. You will achieve maximum hydration and protection, while still maintaining a glamorous touch.

Waterproof Mascara

Keep your lashes looking glam and luxurious no matter how hot or how the situation. Heat and water are not friends to a gorgeous face, and when at a summer day pool party or on a hot beach day, you don’t want to be the one with raccoon eyes.

Waterproof mascara will help your lashes stay long and flirty all day without running or melting under the hot summer sun. However, use with caution. Waterproof mascara can be difficult to remove with just water and soap. Be sure to gently remove it with eye makeup remover, rubbing lightly at the eyelashes and not the entire eye. You don’t want your eyes to end up looking heavy.

Try on concealers

When it comes to eyes, if you’re left to choose between a light concealer or a slightly darker shade, go with the darker one. Using a concealer around the eyes that is too light can give you the “reverse racoon” effect.

It is important to use your ring finger to apply concealer. Warm up the product in the palm of your hand to “thin out” the texture so the coverage is smooth.

Place three dots of concealer from one end of each crease to the other, then pat…don’t rub…with your ring finger to blend. This brightens the area and makes lines less noticeable. Always set concealer with powder to keep it from smudging or budging during the day.

Try on eye shadow
Step 1:

Prep your eyes by applying a light concealer to your eyelids. This will neutralize the color of your lids if they tend to have redness or discoloration.

Step 2:

Apply the lighter eye shadow first, using a soft eye shadow brush to sweep the color evenly on the lid and up to the brow bone. Soft shadow brushes help you apply the color evenly and effortlessly.

Step 3:

Next, take the medium shade and apply it to the crease with a slightly angled shadow brush. An angled shadow brush is ideal when applying color to your crease and corners because it easily molds to the shape of the eye. This will allow you to apply eye shadow evenly and with less fallout. Now, go back to the soft shadow brush and blend the medium shadow with the lighter shade. To avoid any sharp lines, keep blending until you achieve a soft gradient of color.

Step 4:

Use the dark eye shadow to line your eyes. Begin applying the dark shadow from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. A flat definer brush is a great precision lining tool that can create wide and thin lines. Stay as close to the upper lash as possible. Smudge the dark shadow.

Finish by lining the lower lash line using the same dark shadow and a thin eye shadow brush. Continue lining from the inner corner to the outer corner and then smudge. You don’t want any sharp lines in the lower lash line and this simple technique will make your eyes smooth and gorgeous.

Step 5:

Make your eyes pop by applying a highlighter or a light shimmer shadow to the inside corner of the eye using a thin shadow brush. This trick will instantly begin to brighten up the eyes.

Make your skin glow
Step 1: Moisturize

Before applying any makeup to your skin, apply a nourishing face serum and let it set for 10 minutes. It is very important that you allow your skin to absorb all of the properties of the serum, otherwise the makeup application will simply rub on the serum. As a result, the makeup will start to dry up as the day goes on.

Step 2: Prime the Skin

repare the skin for makeup with a primer. Choose a primer with luminous particles; a water base formula will give you a radiant base that will help your makeup last longer throughout the day.

Step 3: Tinted Moisturizer

Skip the thick formulas and opt for a light weight moisturizer. A light reflecting moisturizer will add luminosity to the skin and cover imperfections leaving you with a dewy finish.

Step 4: Allover Highlighter

Finish by dusting a sheer highlighting powder to the cheeks, brow bones, and on top of the upper lip (cupids bow). This last step will set the liquid foundation and the pearly shade will bring emphasis your favorite features.

I hope you find this info here useful.